January 28, 2011
Is that what you really want

I always heard the line from women “if you gonna cheat on me she better look better than me” nigga for y if we can get someone better than u why would we keep you around. Just think about it if a nigga can get a nice hoodie in the winter time y would u want to go back to a t-shirt. in closing with the famous baby boy line I tell these ho’s the truth I lie to you cuz I care about your feelings

January 6, 2011
An American Original

If its an American original why try to change it. All I’m saying is dont remove the Nigger (Nigga) from this Mark Twain book. i grew up reading the book they called the man Nigger Jim not Slave Jim fuck trying to be political correct they didnt call them slaves back then they called them niggers. so am i in favor of the change NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Thats just my opinion.

January 4, 2011
Dont Leave When Ur Hot

"Don’t Leave When your Hot That’s how Ma$e screwed up" those are words from Kanye West but it seems to make a lot of sense. Think about when MJ retired then came back to the Wizards (turrible) and i hope it wont happen to one of my favorite lyricist Lauryn Hill. L Boogie is starting a nation wide tour in order for a possible comeback can go either or two ways. 1 she can some how ignite her career back over and take the spotlight from Nicki or she can come and be like damn she should’ve stayed in hiding and let all the young fan prove the point that says that Nicki is better. So all the folks that are fortunate enough to go see L Boogie in the concert series let me know how it go.

December 24, 2010
Coming home thought

Seems to describe how I’m feeling

December 18, 2010
@ ‘Em or Dap ‘Em

I guess yall can call me a twitterholic cause i enjoy my time on the twitter but i have been noticing a lot more and more e-thugging. I understand venting cause hell everyone needs to get shit off your chest but sometimes i noticed a game of tag u it on here. Old Hoes calling new hoes hoes and vice versa shit if u gonna be hoe be the best hoe u can be. But shit all im im saying if u got a prob with somebody either @ ‘em or don’t say shit.

December 16, 2010
Give It Up

This past Tuesday The “Highly anticipated” album from Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Ciroc Obama or what ever he’s calling himself now and all i can say is GIVE IT UP. Last Train to Paris should be his exit album cause the album by itself is TURRIBLE JUST TURRIBLE *Charles Barkley Voice. Diddy just GIVE IT UP some of us used to have respect for you as a musician but after this we can say your new sound needs to die and you need to GIVE IT UP. Look everyone who trusted you to manage their career and and look what happened

  • The Notorious B.I.G. - Dead
  • Ma$e - confused minister
  • G Dep - UPS
  • Shyne - Deported
  • Rick Ross - schizophenic

For all the pushing back of this album it could have been a lot better but oh well i guess you were trying to mind fuck us not gonna work. So Diddy take these words of advice GIVE IT UP

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